Our Journey to Parenthood

Not flesh of my flesh
Nor bone of my bone,
But still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
You didn’t grow under my heart
But in it.
– Fleur Conkling Heyliger

It indeed happened.. we have a daughter and are finally parents! I’ll never forget the day a woman sent that to me…. Today we’re celebrating the day we met our little girl, Aila Brielle. At 9:30am one year ago today, we were packing to go snow tubing for the weekend (or so we thought  ) 
BUT, in typical fashion, God had other plans.
Today is the day our lives changed forever… the day we realized what all the pain and 6 years of “IVF failures” were for.. they were leading us to Aila .. for what we were truly called to do.

We couldn’t have done this without our family & friends who scurried to get a nursery ready, clothes and a crib. My sis in laws who washed donated clothes, brought us groceries and held Aila in the Nicu so we could get a break. After 4 long weeks we came home to everything in place we love you all!

Aila has had lots of fires in the fall and winter months and , of course, the place she’s been to the most is the beach. 😉
We have to make mention of the amazing Nicu nurses at Cooper (we love you so much Janet Braneky) and the selfless volunteers who fed us day and night for four weeks while we stayed at the Ronald Macdonald House in Camden. We love all the peeps we met there!

We also are forever in debt to the women who have donated breast milk to help in Ailas recovery and growth since 3 days old and ongoing in addition to the clothes and baby gear. We’re eternally grateful.


Resiliency and Recovery During the Pandemic

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Remember, the best prevention from cold and flu season is a strong and robust immune system.  
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The scale is the worst piece of equipment…


I’ve posted this before and may start posting it monthly! reminder to all my beautiful ladies, this stupid piece of equipment doesn’t get to dictate your mood by spitting off a higher number than you hoped for. Remember weight is only ONE indicator (and a weak one at that) of what’s going on internally. ❤ We focus on % of Body fat in my program but even that is difficult to get a 100% accurate read on. Lets start listening to our bodies and how we feel. 👊 #selfcare #selflove #health #integrativenutritioncoach #IIN #primaryfood #jerseyshorecoach #jerseyshorelocal #redbanknj #monmouthcounty #healthfirst #Fit #fitfam #fitlife #cleaneating #cleaneats #monmouthcounty #healthcoach #jessicacarlan #nj

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